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U.S. Congresswoman Herrera Beutler
Port of Ridgefield receives $900,000 rail safety grant 

Last month, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced that the Port of Ridgefield would receive a $900,000 federal Railroad Safety Grant for the Pioneer Street Railroad Overpass Project. The current crossing is one of the most dangerous in Washington State and projects like these are precisely why I worked to secure a strong railroad Safety Grant Program in Congress. It is great to see citizens hard-earned tax dollars being applied to responsible projects that will improve the safety and livability of our community. Read more about the Ridgefield Rail Overpass Project here. 

Letter to FDA urges action to prevent birth defects
Last week, I led a letter to Commissioner Ostroff of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) urging him to take swift action that could lead to the prevention of an often-fatal birth defect. Specifically, my congressional colleagues and I asked him to authorize the fortification of corn masa flour with folic acid. Unlike wheat flour and other commonly used types of flour, corn masa, a staple in the Hispanic community, is not currently fortified with folic acid.

The fortification of wheat flour with folic acid has been considered a major step forward in the prevention of deadly birth defects. Since folic acid has been added to flour, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report a 27 percent reduction in the rate of birth defects in infants across the United States. Fortifying corn masa flour would capitalize on the FDA’s past success by extending the health benefits to women and families in the Hispanic American community. Click here to read more.
My office is here to help!

One of the most important things I do as your U.S. Representative is to help the people of Southwest Washington when they have questions about or need assistance with a federal agency. 

Navigating the various federal agencies can be a daunting process; my staff is here to help you. While we cannot guarantee a specific outcome we will work hard to cut through the red tape, get answers to your questions and find solutions on your behalf.

Here are a few stories from local folks who contacted my office for help with federal agencies. Are you having an issue with a federal agency? My office is here to help! Please contact us at
(360) 695-6292 or by visiting JHB.House.Gov.

Social Security disability payment issues  

As a disabled veteran, Mr. David Agar earned and receives a Social Security disability payment. Mr. Agar started to have trouble paying his bills when a $6,000 back payment from the Social Security office was taking far too long to be released.

Mr. Agar reached out to my office and my staff was able to contact the Social Security office in Vancouver on his behalf. After clearing up the issue, his disability payment was released and Mr. Agar received his payment a few days later.

Solving a mail delivery problem 

Mr. Vince Penta owns a duplex in Longview and wanted mail delivery available for his tenants. Although they delivered mail to every door on the block, the Postal Service was not providing the same service to Mr. Penta’s building.

After he contacted my office, my staff reached out to the Postal Service on Mr. Penta’s behalf. Our initial request was denied and the Postal Service stated that they would not change the delivery method. However, my staff continued to advocate for a solution to Mr. Penta’s problem and were able to get the Postal Service to offer front door delivery to Mr. Penta and his tenants.   
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