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Honoring WWII hero Roy Long with the Bronze Star Award 

I’m honored to work on behalf of a lot of inspiring people. None, however, fill me with pride and honor like those who have demonstrated heroism on the battlefield during their military service.

Two years ago, Jim Long asked me to help his father Roy obtain the Bronze Star medal he’d earned for his service in World War II. Last Wednesday – more than 70 years later – I was able to present that Bronze Star to Staff Sargent Roy S. Long at the Veterans Memorial Museum in Chehalis.

One story from his service in the war was from the Battle of Forbach in France – or as Roy would say, the battle that made him who he is today.

His 276th Company was in the city of Forback. Roy had been promoted to Staff Sargent and Squad leader. His platoon had three squads, and he was the leader of the third. They had been fighting against the Germans day and night and their platoon had already suffered many losses. Even though they were at half-strength, their mission was to take out a German machine gun nest.

To accomplish this, they had to cross an open area under enemy fire. The first squad attempted to charge the machine gun nest -- but no one made it. The second squad tried and met the same fate. The few who were able to reach cover were trapped. Roy was ordered to send his squad next, but he resisted orders. He knew he could get in big trouble for disobeying a command, but this was clearly a suicide mission and he knew that only by taking a different tack would they have a fighting chance.

They came up with a plan. His squad would be led by a first scout and they would be covered by a blanket of fire from the weapons platoon.

The plan worked! They had made it to the machine gun nest and the Germans surrendered. Even though they accomplished their mission, their platoon suffered many losses – brave men Roy said he would never forget.

Are you a military veteran? I want to make sure your story isn’t forgotten.
Each year, I ask for Southwest Washington-area veterans to send me their stories, memories and photos so that I can share them on my website at www.jhb.house.gov throughout the month of November. Please share your story with me by clicking here.

VA care, taxes, U.S. House leadership- another great discussion during my "community coffee" in Vancouver
Last week, I hosted another one of my “community coffees” in Vancouver where I meet with Southwest Washington residents face-to-face and invite them to bring their ideas, questions and concerns. Of course, the topic of the U.S. House Speaker came up, and we also had some great discussions about the VA, taxes and the IRS.

These events are open and free to any Southwest Washington resident.  If you want to make sure you receive an alert about my next coffee near you, please click here. 
Thanks to the Retail Association for making me a "Hero of Main Street"

I stopped by Superior Tire Service in Longview last week to receive the Washington Retail Association’s “Hero of Main Street Award” – and I couldn’t be more proud. Jobs and economic recovery continue to be our region’s biggest need, and my central focus in Congress is empowering those businesses that create jobs and contribute so much to our communities.

Southwest Washington is a unique area. Our economy isn't centered around one or two huge companies, the government or the military; the small businesses up and down our Main Streets are the economic engines of our cities and towns. I will keep working to reduce unnecessary regulatory burdens and create an environment where these businesses can grow jobs and thrive.


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