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U.S. Congresswoman Herrera Beutler
New Congressional Maternity Care Caucus

Women are 51% of our country’s population – the majority of whom are the age where they’re having kids, or they are already caring for children or grandchildren. Working to improve health outcomes and research for moms and babies is just one important way we can help support the millions of women who do so much to support all the people in their lives. The U.S. spends significantly more per capita on childbirth than any other industrialized nation. However, despite this investment, America continues to rank far behind almost all other developed countries in birth outcomes for both mothers and babies.

That is why I have joined with Rep. Roybal-Allard (D-CA) in creating the Maternity Care Caucus. The goal of this Caucus will be to raise awareness about important and timely maternity care-related issues, and highlight challenges facing America’s maternity care system. Caucus members will promote cost-effective and optimal outcomes for both high- and low-risk pregnancies by highlighting bipartisan policy solutions based on the best available evidence. Read more about the Congressional Maternity Care Caucus here.

Boosting bus funding for Southwest Washington

All 50 states are able to compete for funds through the nationwide Competitive Bus Grant program totaling $90 million this year and $200 million after that, but there are select Northeastern States that had an additional $272 million annually set aside for only them. It’s an issue of fairness. The idea that seven states have available to them more money than all 50 states combined isn’t fair to our communities in Southwest Washington or to the other 43 states.

That is why I introduced an amendment to the transportation bill that simply moves the funding from the seven-state set-aside fund into the Competitive Bus Grant program and allows all states to compete for these much-needed resources.

I will continue fighting to keep this amendment in the bill as House and Senate work out the final version of the transportation bill. Read more about the transportation bill here.

Strengthening the Columbia River Gorge bridges

For decades, the bridges in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area have not been able to get federal transportation grants. I cosponsored an amendment to the transportation bill allowing these bridges to become eligible for this funding. These bridges are crucial to the residents and economies of Skamania and Klickitat Counties.

In 2013, when the Bridge of the Gods was in need of repairs, one of the largest employers in Skamania County had to relocate part of their operations just to transport their goods across the river, and the safety of residents was impacted because large emergency vehicles could not cross the bridge. Though we found a short-term solution in that instance, it revealed this need to strengthen our local roads and bridges for years to come. Read more about this amendment here.

Voted against raising the debt ceiling without commitment to reducing deficit

Since taking this office, I’ve consistently required a significant commitment to reducing our nation’s crippling deficit to accompany any vote to raise the borrowing limit – and the recent budget deal fell short of that requirement.  

My top three priorities have been stopping out of control government spending, growing jobs in Southwest Washington, and strengthening our region’s economy, and we must do the first in order to accomplish the latter. In the last few years, we have seen the economies of nations collapse under the weight of crushing debt – and the livelihoods, retirements and economic prospects of their citizens collapse with them.

I am proud of the $2.1 trillion we’ve been able to save in the last four and a half years; that’s the most significant deficit reduction in our nation’s history. We’ve had to make tough decisions, cut away redundancies and waste, and force every part of the government to tighten its budget. We simply can’t afford to let an opportunity to reduce our $18.4 trillion debt pass by without continuing to lower the burden of debt on taxpayers.

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Around Southwest Washington this week
From WWII to Iraq, men and women of Battle Ground have given their lives to defend our nation. I was humbled by the community’s love and appreciation for them with the dedication of the new Battle Ground Veterans Memorial.
 I was honored to take part in Community Military Appreciation Committee's Veterans Day Celebration. Thank you to all who have served and thank you to CMAC for all the work you do for our veterans.
I was honored to be with two dozen new Americans they took part in Tuesday’s Citizenship Ceremony. It was a special moment to join these men and women who worked so hard for the opportunity to build a better life here in our great nation!
 Thanks to the 60-plus people who made it to my community coffee this week in Longview. It’s important to me to hear what’s on your mind. We had a great discussion about health care, our local economy and more.

Would you like to join me at my next "community coffee"? These events are free and open to the public and more information is available on my website. Click here to sign up for the next community coffee near you.
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