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Herrera Beutler Keeps Pledge to Reduce Spending

Congresswoman Continues to Push for Fiscal Responsibility, Job Creation

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Washington, February 19, 2011 | comments
Congresswoman Herrera Beutler released the following statement today after voting for the House “continuing resolution,” legislation that will keep the government funded and running while spending $100 billion less than what was proposed in the president’s budget:

“Today marks an important step toward breaking the federal government’s addiction to spending, and restarting our economy. My message has been consistent: our massive national debt is a barrier to job creators and is harming residents of Southwest Washington seeking work. It’s going to take continued leadership, tough decisions and sacrifice to reverse course. But we can do it.

“By cutting federal spending by $100 billion, we’re sending a positive signal to job creators in this country. No more new massive federal spending programs for which they’ll have to foot the bill through higher taxes, fees and compliance costs.

“When we force government to live within its means, we are truly moving toward a brighter future for Southwest Washington.”
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